Better Typography Makes For Easier Reading: 2 Examples

Studio 1910's Typography

The guys over at graphic design studio 1910 published a couple of great posts about thoughtfully using typography and whitespace.

If you’re a designer, their posts are definitely worth checking out: 

1. A Typographic Approach to Email

Watch step-by-step as they vastly improve the readability of email. Notice how simple typographic changes make a huge difference. I hope designers of every major email client take note because their redesign makes email much more beautiful.

2. A Readable Wikipedia

Watch them redesign Wikipedia from the ground up. Again, notice how much of an impact things like spacing, font size and grids have on overall readability.

3. Grids From Typography

After checking out their real-life examples, read the post that outlines their design process in detail.

Are you working on a project right now that would benefit from better typography? See if you can use these articles as inspiration to improve your own designs.


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