Jul 24

I love this quote from Brendon Burchard, who always gets me off my ass when I need a jolt of motivation:

“The journey to legend begins that moment our bias for ease and comfort is overpowered by our drive for challenge and contribution. So no matter how small you start, start making something that matters. Never forget that growth and greatness often come from those seemingly endless, fruitless days and nights of faith and discipline.”

Jul 16

I just stumbled on this great quote. Although it’s not directly related to software design, it’s directly related to how we design our life and our world.

“True wealth is the already accomplished organization of human capabilities to clothe, shelter, feed, protect, inform and accommodate the initiatives of human life. The magnitude of true wealth consists of the number of forward days of the number of human beings already provided for.”

From R. Buckminster Fuller’s Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth.

Feb 17

Here are some of the articles that have got me thinking lately:

  • The Chaos Theory of StartupsAndy Weissman, an investor at Union Square Ventures, recommends that you have a framework for decision-making to deal with the reality of startups chaos. 
  • The Arc of Company Life – And How to Prolong It. Sustainable growth requires transforming your company as you dominate your market and the environment around you changes. Few company leaders have done it; many have tried and failed. This post outlines a way to think about how to prolong the life of your company.
  • Building Product After “Product-Market Fit.” Rob Fan, co-founder of ShareThrough, explains how his company does product development after reaching their product/market fit.