An App I Use Every Day: Flycut


Ever go to paste something, then realize to your dismay that you copied something else over it?

Oh yeah: and you closed the window you originally copied it from, with no idea how to get it back without searching your browser history.

That’s one example of why I use a free app called Flycut.

Flycut saves the stuff you copy and lets you access it with the touch of a customizable hotkey (like command+h). Your hotkey brings up a history of your clipboard contents, which you can quickly scroll through with arrow keys. Or just click its icon in your menubar and access your last 10 copies.

If you use a computer on a regular basis, Flycut saves time and frustration – especially if you write code or content. It’s one of those simple apps that becomes a part of your daily workflow by preventing periodic annoyances that normally break your flow.

I highly recommend trying it. If you’re like me, within a week you’ll never know how you lived without it.


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