Pete’s Interests



Piano Keys

Music is my passion in life. Its ability to take you on an emotional journey has captivated me since I was young.

There’s a book on my desk at work called “1,001 albums you need to hear before you die,” and I go through about 4-5 albums a day. It’s a guided tour through recent musical history, starting in the 50′s. Along the way I’m really enjoying putting together playlists of the stuff I like most.

I also compose music. My dad was a classically trained pianist/organist. Although I never took lessons myself, I’d hear him play and then tinker and teach myself how to play. Today playing music is an integral part of my life. I play at a venue called Artlene’s Grocery on the East Village and do a lot of piano improvisation and electronic-inspired recordings.



I love learning about the brain. The more I learn about it, the more amazing it becomes.

From the electrical impulses that allows cells to communicate to the chemicals that trigger them, I really enjoy reading about neuroscience.

Ever since my high school physiology teacher turned me onto the inner working of neurons, I’ve been hooked. Although I don’t have nearly enough free time to get serious about it, I do try to spend at least a little bit of time each week reading about neuroscience, brain chemistry, and pharmacology.

Riddles & Word Games


One of my favorite ways to spend time with friends is doing riddles. 

I’ve got a huge list of great riddles in my phone, and it continues growing every year. It’s a great feeling when you get the answer after approaching a problem from as many sides as possible. That kind of lateral thinking is fun, thinking of the second or third meanings of a word. And questioning your assumptions about every part of the riddle to make sure you’re not jumping to conclusions too quickly.

The satisfaction of getting one right always makes me want to start working a new one.