Pete is the co-founder of, a reputation management company in NYC.


In 2009, Pete was being mistaken for a criminal in Google. Someone else with the same name was showing up in Google, causing a case of mistaken identity. Pete knew it was losing him job opportunities, but he didn’t know how to fix his Google results.

Pete did a bunch of research and called every reputation company out there. They all quoted him thousands of dollars to improve his Google results. Luckily Pete met up with Patrick Ambron and Evan Mcgowan-Watson, who taught him how search engines worked – and how to bury the other “Pete Kistler” off the first page of results.

Although Pete solved his problem and buried his doppelganger onto the sixth page of Google, he was outraged that the average person had no say in how they look in search engines. So he set out to create a do-it-yourself online reputation management product that would walk anyone through the same exact process an expensive reputation company would use. His mission was to democratize that process so that anyone could do it without paying thousands of dollars to a service firm – just like what TurboTax did for taxes. Since then over half a million people have used his software to clean up, protect and improve how they look online. (You can read some BrandYourself reviews to see how people have used his software to improve their lives). Pete also co-authored many resources, eBooks and articles along the way, including an online reputation management guide.

Since launching BrandYourself, Pete has been humbled by winning a bunch of awards.

Top 35 Entrepreneurs Under 35

- Inc. Magazine (2014)

Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs in U.S.

- The White House (2011)

Top 5 Collegiate Entrepreneur

- Entrepreneur Magazine (2009)

Young Entrepreneur Award

- Small Business Association (2011)


But it all started in the small town of Needham, MA.


Pete graduated from Needham High School in 2006. Four years later he attended Syracuse University, where he earned his B.S. in Information Management & Technology with a concentration in User Experience Design. While a student, he was a co-founder of iVenture, a student-run group that connected students to paid projects off campus related to their career goals. He was a member of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars, a peer advisor of the iSchool, and a secretary of The iSchool Entrepreneurship Club.

Work Experience

  1. Pete’s first internship was in 2004 as a software tester at EasyLobby in Newton, MA. While at EasyLobby, he personally coordinated hundreds of successful bug fixes and mastered the art of identifying nearly impossible-to-reproduce software glitches. His internship taught him how to work in tandem with a development team to rapidly release stable and bug-free software. His internship with EasyLobby concluded after 9 months.
  2. In February 2005, Pete began work as a senior research analyst for Phoenix Business and Systems Process, Inc. in Needham, MA. He was responsible for over 1,000 hours of research directly inputted into the Complicate Global Regulatory Information Database, an open source repository of regulations, rules, frameworks and guidance documents from around the world. From his experience there, he learned best practices for running businesses in over 35 industries. He worked there for 2 years and 7 months.
  3. Between January 2006 and December 2006, Pete worked as a freelance web designer in Syracuse, NY, where he designed dozens of professional portfolio websites for Syracuse University students. He learned the tools and processes needed to design for the web – from wireframing to creating clickable prototypes to polishing final compositions – and how to code and deploy websites.
  4. Pete is currently the co-founder and Head of Product at BrandYourself. Based in New York City, NY, BrandYourself is the only DIY product that empowers anyone to improve their own search results. Pete leads product strategy and designs all the pixels and interactions on BrandYourself. He loves constantly meeting new design challenges as the business evolves from a startup to a multi-million dollar company.


Pete’s professional skills include user experience design, software design, usability, user interface design, {conversion rate optimization and SEO.He’s also great at making belgian waffles and beatboxing. Pete is a Certified Big Historian.

Organizations & Activities

Pete is a member of The Electronic Frontier Foundation, the leading nonprofit organization defending civil liberties in the digital world. In his free time, Pete participates in Hackathons, plays the keyboard, composes music and goes to concerts. He also enjoys reading books about neuroscience, reading Wired magazine, watching Netflix documentaries, doing yoga, and listening to The Beatles.

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